Martin Salo - CPO & Co-founder, RealEyes, UK

In constant pursuit of technical excellence and innovation, Martin Salo has helped make Realeyes the technology leader in webcam-based emotion measurement, used by publishers, agencies and Fortune 500 brands across the globe.

Deeming none of the available technology was good enough for emotions measurement, Martin worked with CTO Elnar to build the Realeyes platform from scratch. Martin’s unrelenting standards resulted in a product that combines easy usability and cutting-edge analytics, harnessing our industry-leading technology to the service of customer needs.

Martin wrote his first line of code at the tender age of 7 and at 12 he created an app that was downloaded by tens of thousands of people. He founded his own successful digital creative agency and has been CIO for both Raunopol and Mothercare (Baltics), all before the age of thirty.