Matthew Bayfield - Managing Director, Parity Group, UK

Matthew Bayfield is the Managing Director of Parity Group.

Most recently, he was CEO and Founder of Field London.

Previous he was Managing Partner at Turn2, a growth agency, specialising in helping the mid-cap market backed by private equity.

As a graduate in psychology, Matthew was always interested in people, this led to wanting to predict and change behaviour. Which, in turn, has led to a career setting up and building insight businesses.

Matthew founded and ran an insight consultancy (Tree) specialising in the applications of psychological theory to behaviour change through marketing. The company grew to over 80 people based in London, Singapore and Kolkata - providing products and professional services to o2, Virgin, Hiscox, Hitachi, Paypal, Skoda and Sony. The company was successfully acquired by Chime PLC in 2010.

Matthew went on to join the Ogilvy and Mather UK Group Board responsible for ensuring that data, and the new data driven economy, were at the heart of customer engagement for the group. As the Head of Data for EMEA, Matthew had a role developing market leading data products and creating the kind of professional services that clients can really build relationships with.

At heart, Matthew is really a failed rock star, having left school at 16 to join a band and tour Europe!