Nagore Ardanza - Manager, Crecer+, (ORKESTRA), Spain

Nagore Ardanza is Manager at Crecer+, a Business Angel Network fostered by ORKESTRA (Basque Institute of Competitiveness).

Crecer+ as BA Network offers investment ready startups to the different investors associated to the network, and as Manager, Nagore works with the entrepreneur and investors in order to close the financing.

She was Founder and CEO in IDOKI, a bioscience startup dedicated to develop new natural cosmetic products, based in supercritical fluid technology. But she started her professional career as Assistant Director in a financial intermediation company working with high political risk countries.

Actually Nagore is also participating as Mentor in Youth Business Spain. She has a degree in law in Deusto University, a AMP in IE Business School and a Master in International Business Management in EOI.