Naresh Rajendra Shah - Co-founder and CTO, Untangle AI, Singapore

Naresh R. Shah is Co-founder and CTO of Untangle AI.

Previously he was Data Engineer at Procter & Gamble Co., where was responsible for setting up Data Science team for utilising IoT systems in order to improve productivity and drive efficiency of manufacturing systems in Beauty Product segment. 

He has a special interest in novel use cases of Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analytics and their application to Marketing. He’s a beta tester at the forefront of using and advocating new data science tools at organizations.

Naresh holds a Masters in Business Analytics and Big Data degree from IE Business School, Madrid. At IE Business School, he participated, led teams and won several events like IE Data Dive, Hotelbeds Big Data Challenge, and Procter and Gamble’s IT Business Challenge. He was also part of the winning team at the first Forbes Hackathon, in New York.