Oded Lida Greiss - CEO, Europe Digital Ventures, Datorama investor, Spain

Oded Lida Greuss is the CEO and founder of Digital Ventures Europe, which offers technology solutions for companies to expand into International Markets. He has introduced Datorama technology in Iberia and Latin America.

He is an entrepreneur with rich experience in Digital Marketing and International Business. He was one of the pioneers of digital marketing activities in Spain by introducing Eyeblaster (now MediaMind) in 2003.

Oded was the VP of Emerging Markets in MediaMind and had privilege to scale the company in Iberia, Asia and Latin America till mid 2013. During this period, he played an important role in the digital revolution and led the company into diverse markets, such as Spain, Brazil and China as part of digital growth.

Oded holds degrees in I.T. and Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.