Peter Dingle - Business Strategy, Marketing Development and Asia Growth, pmd & co., Hong Kong

Peter M Dingle is a new technology, customer focused, strategy developer and executor with nearly 20 years experience working with multi billion dollar brands in Asia.

Between 2015 and 2017, Peter worked directly with 75 startups across Healthcare, FinTech and Smart City IoT, to accelerate growth and enable them to go on to raise upwards of USD 30M in seed rounds from Investors in Hong Kong and Singapore. As a result of his role as the Global Director for Innovation Accelerator Programmes at Nest, Hong Kong's leading Accelerator for Corporate Innovation and seed investment company, these startups went on to develop business models and form partnerships with corporates in Asia. 

Prior to moving to Nest, Peter spent 15 years working across local, regional and Global roles at Intel Semiconductor. His Retail, Sales and Marketing and product development experience building a multi billion dollar technology brand across 16 markets in Asia brought him from Australia and New Zealandto sit in the Asia regional head quarters for Intel.

His leadership drove significant results across multi-country product and brand campaigns, including social media communities, execution of large scale digital projects, growing the mobile and tablet business.

Dingle’s deep understanding of how emerging markets respond online and at retail, his strength in understanding and picking the best technologies for maximum effectiveness and his balanced Brand and technical Product background make him an engaging marketer, a fascinating public speaker and an avid investor to watch out for in times of transition.

Currently he serves in advisor roles to large enterprises, in mentor roles to founders, and is an active angel investor in a number of early stage businesses based in Hong Kong. 

Peter is an Alumni of Western University of Ontario (EMBA 2014), Chinese University of Hong Kong (Fin) and Auckland University (BCOM).