Philippe Sarrazin - Owner and CEO, Audatia, France

Philippe Sarrazin is the Owner and CEO of Audatia. He has a 25+ years career in advertising and media agencies, including a long stay with Initiative where he successively ran the Paris office, lead Research, Systems and tools, Econometrics and Marketing at the WW Board level and finally became CEO of the French operations. He forged information management systems and research protocols that became industry standards, and later led Initiative France in the digital area and created a holistic approach in communication planning.

Philippe founded Audatia in 2007, an investment and consulting firm in digital communications. He manages participations in Is Cool (a publicly quoted company in social gaming), iP...Cine (a proprietary technical solution for distributing video in the internet), Blue Acacia (a web agency) and MBD Media Services (a media agency).

His experience uniquely marries advertising and media, research and systems, digital, and also merger and acquisitions.