Roy Bielewicz - Principal & Co-founder, Apotheca, USA

Roy is Principal and Co-founder of Apotheca (, an analytics, marketing and technology consultancy based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Roy has over 15 years of experience in both digital and direct marketing in a number of verticals: from retail and healthcare, to academia and publishing. As a former retail internet marketing executive, Roy has hands-on experience managing all aspects of a successful online business, including digital marketing (SEO, PPC, affiliate, email, CRM, social media, display, etc.), brand building and PR, optimization and testing, analytics, site design and usability.

Previously, Roy was an associate partner at Rosetta, and led the agency’s 40-person Analytics & Optimization Practice. He has worked with leading companies such as OfficeMax, Fidelity, Express, Barnes & Noble, Johnson & Johnson, Cisco and many more.