Sandeep Jeereddy - Data Scientist, Ingenics, USA

Sandeep Jeereddy is a data scientist for Ingenics. In this position, he uses advanced information-gathering techniques to discover business needs and demands for product. Through data mining, predictive modeling, and analytics, Sandeep Jeereddy shares his findings with business owners to help them improve services and products and better understand consumer needs. Previously, he worked as a business analyst at OST Inc.

Sandeep graduated from the University of Alabama, where he earned a master of science in industrial engineering, focusing on applied statistics and systems simulation. He also holds a Six Sigma Black Belt from the American Society for Quality.

Other accomplishments in Sandeep Jeereddy’s professional life include an Agile Scrum modeling presentation at DC Week 2011. This model allowed predictions to be made for a project based on data such as the time, resources, and workload needed for an Agile-based approach to software development. He also published “Using a Federal Database and New Factors for Disaggregation of Freight to a Local Level” in Applications of Advanced Technologies in Transportation in 2008.