Shawn O’Neal - Founder, SO-Analytics LLC, USA

Shawn O’Neal is the Global VP People Data and Analytics at Unilever. He has been with Unilever for 12 years now, 6+ in CD and 6- in CMI.

Prior to Unilever, he worked at McKinsey & Co, Pepsi Cola and a small consulting firm called Marakon Associates. Throughout this journey, Shawn majored in strategy, analysis, and the optimal use of information to execute decision making. He has always been driven by where all the ‘thinking’ actually meets up with the ‘action’ to make things happen in the marketplace. Today, the marketplace is becoming the information that is fueling the dynamic analysis and strategy, which is driving the business. He couldn’t be in a better role anywhere in the world for both his strengths and his passion.

When he has time beyond his wife and 3 kids, Shawn is an avid Scuba Diver and Soccer/Football fan.