Sripriya Sundararaman - Principal Data Scientist, State Farm, USA

Sripriya Sundararaman is the Principal Data Scientist at State Farm, where she is working on multiple data science projects spanning a wide gamut of domains, techniques, and technologies.

Priya has worked in the areas of home telematics, network and internet security, claims image analysis, legal data analysis, auto telematics, etc. She has used graph theory, recommender systems, classification models, computer vision, neural networks and deep learning, text analytics, etc. Her tool kit includes Hadoop, Spark, GraphX, OpenCV, Scala, SciPy/NumPy, and R. She has authored four patents in areas of Internet of Things, anomaly detection and Computer Vision & Deep Learning. 

Priya loves to seek out new challenges and what's most fulfilling to her in the Data Science role at State Farm is the opportunity to see her work benefitting the company and their customers.

Prior to State Farm, Priya worked at blue chip companies like JCPenney and Dow Jones. She's also worked in startups by founding their engineering teams.

Priya has an undergraduate engineering degree in Computer Science and masters in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University.