Stef Peeters - General Manager, CIM, Belgium

Stef Peeters is the General Manager at CIM (Centre for Information about Media) since 2008. CIM is the multimedia JIC in Belgium.

After obtaining his Ph.D. in Psychology, Stef build a career in market research and in the media. Starting in print, he covered all aspects of readers marketing, and of b-to-b marketing to the advertising industry. Since 2000, Stef has been involved in internet research, as magazine publisher before and as an independent consultant after the dotcom crisis.

He helped CIM to start internet audience research and took over the general management of CIM, covering the currency studies for television, radio, internet, press, outdoor and cinema, as well as a cross media and a target group study. All of this is done with a staff of 12 people: a worthy reminder of the Belgian tradition of surrealism in fine arts and the ever present sense of pragmatism of small resourceful countries.