Claudia Groener - Department Manager of Product & Planning Data, International Affairs, AGOF, Germany

Claudia Gröner is Department Manager of Product & Planning Data, International Affairs at the AGOF Services GmbH. In this role, she is responsible for the strategic and conceptual development and further development of the AGOF evaluation & planning program as well as accompanying products, systems and interfaces for the use of AGOF data. In addition, she represents the AGOF in national and international committees on digital media topics, especially on quality issues.

Claudia has nearly 25 years of digital experience, both on the agency and the marketer side, many years in leading position. She began her professional career as an associate in media/TV research and as a media planner.

After positions at Hi-Media AG, most recently as Head of Product Management, Marketing & Research and as Team Leader Online In-Page at IP Deutschland, she moved to the AGOF in 2012 where she was active in the Committees as a company representative since 2006.

Claudia is a graduate in Business Administration.


Claudia Dubrau - Managing Director, AGOF, Germany

Claudia Dubrau is the Managing Director of AGOF. She controls the working group, uniting interests and guaranteeing a smooth internal communication between AGOF members and representing its interests towards market partners.

Claudia is an educated psychologist and a declared expert in market and media research. After positions in research departments of ZDF, VOX and WDR, particularly as chief of media research, she switched off to IP Deutschland in the year 2000. In this position, she was in charge of methodology development and the complete board engagement of IP, amongst others in the AGOF. She assumed the position as assistant chairman in the AGOF for the period of office 2005/2006 and from 2007 to 2008 as speaker of the technical commission, which bears the methodological responsibility for the research projects of the AGOF.

Since 2009 she is the Managing Director of AGOF.

George Ivie - CEO & Executive Director, MRC, USA

George Ivie - CEO & Executive Director, MRC, USA

George Ivie is the Executive Director and CEO of the Media Rating Council, Inc (MRC), a not-for-profit industry organization created in 1963 at the request of the U.S. Congress to assure high ethical and operational standards in audience measurement services. George's background includes 30 years of experience in media research auditing, oversight and consulting.

Prior to being appointed as Executive Director of the MRC in January 2000, George was a partner at Ernst & Young and their lead representative and advisor to the MRC, conducting all MRC audits and interacting with MRC management and member organizations. George has a thorough knowledge of research best practices, operations, controls and information systems in Internet, Multi-media, Print, Radio and Television measurement services.

Pedro Silva - President, IFABC / IVC, Brasil

Pedro Silva - President,  IFABC / IVC, Brasil

Pedro Martins da Silva was appointed CEO of IVC (ABC in Brazil) in 2010. IVC, founded in 1961, audits circulation of newspapers and magazines and internet web-analytics. IVC is one of the founders of IFABC, The International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Certification.

In November 2014, Pedro was elected President of IFABC for the biennium 2014-2016. He is the first Brazilian to assume this position in 52 years of the organization that brings together the media audit bureaux in 38 countries.

Pedro holds a degree in Aeronautical Engineering (1984) as well as an MBA (1989). He joined P&G in 1990 where he worked in Manufacturing, Logistics, Human Resources and Marketing before becoming External Relations Director for Brazil in 2001. His last position at P&G Brazil included responsibilities for Media, Corporate Affairs and Consumer Relations. He represented P&G at Industry Associations including a Board position at the Brazilian Advertiser Association.