Trevor Grant - Open Source Analytics Technical Evangelist, IBM, USA

Trevor Grant is the Research and Development Data Scientist at Market6.

Trevor has an insatiable intellectual curiosity. He wrote award winning research on economic theory of conflict while serving as a combat medic in the tumultuous Zhari district of Kandahar Afghanistan. Upon his return, he conducted extensive research and lectures in hidden Markov Models, genetic algorithms, and neural networks while earning his Master's of Applied Mathematics and authoring an R package which optimizes parameters and topology of multi-level neural networks using genetic algorithms. After graduation, Trevor joined Mindshare where he developed several insight-generation products to inform real-time business decisions, drive results, and give clients competitive over their competition.

Since 2014, Trevor has led the Research and Development Lab at Market6, where he has spearheaded and oversaw several projects including developing non-traditional data sources, integrating first and third party data, adding depth and dimension to aid clients' visibility of the business landscape, feasibility studies of emerging technologies such as Apache Spark, and the development of an automated machine learning pipeline for quickly estimating the business value of new data sources.