Uwe Scheid - Data & Analytics Director, Mindshare, Germany

Uwe Scheid is heading the Data & Analytics unit at Mindshare Germany and oversees the digital measurement and analytics activities. The team develops tailor-made research and analytics concepts to align clients' digital media strategies with their business goals and to help them to get more value out of their media investments. Main work areas are statistical modelling, marketing analytics, media effectiveness, digital attribution and KPI development.

Prior to joining Mindshare, Uwe worked as Department Manager of Research and Innovation at AGOF, responsible for developing and expanding the research and study activities of the German trade body. At Commerzbank AG he was responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of qualitative and quantitative studies, working for the board level.

Uwe has a long track record in online, media and market research. He started his career as head of market research at AOL Europe in 1998. He then worked for Fireball Netsearch and Lycos Europe in product management, marketing and measurement. In 2005, he moved to Aegis Media and worked several years as business analyst and consultant for the CEE management board.