Walid Yared - Chief Marketing Officer, Choueiri Group, UAE

Walid Yared is the Group Director for Marketing and Research at the Choueiri Group. As a seasoned marketing professional, Walid is a member of the IAA (International Advertising Association), as well as ESOMAR (European Society of Marketing Research Professionals).

At Choueiri Group, Walid Yared leads the overall marketing and research functions within the largest media representation house in the MENA region. Having spearheaded the formation of the Group’s dedicated Marketing and Research Department in 2004, Walid has continued to direct the subsequent growth and success of these core functions within the Group. His overall tenure with Choueiri Group dates back to 1993, when he joined the Group as Managing Director of Promofair (The Group’s exhibitions and trade fairs company).

He holds an MBA-Economics degree from Saint Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon, where he also earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Sciences.