Who we are

I-COM's mission is to help our members achieve competitive advantage in Smart Data Marketing. I-COM was founded in 2004, a spin-off of a P&G led industry initiative. Backed by 100 associations in 40 countries, today, I-COM is a Global trade body exploring the creation of business value from Marketing Data & Measurement.

The I-COM community is comprised of the largest international group of industry leaders on the forefront of Smart Data Marketing. They come from Fortune 500 companies across the Marketing value chain and hold diverse roles, ranging from CMOs to top Data Scientists.

Through I-COM's global network, our members are able to keep right up-to-date and connected to the latest innovations and initiatives that are happening across the world, throughout the year. They learn and share through I-COM's intimate and insightful forums, as well as prestigious Awards that showcase meaningful innovation, and work toward achieving consensus on best practices. 

I-COM Forums include:

◆ More than 20 Boards & Councils 
◆ Series of Worldwide City Meetups 
◆ 1 Annual I-COM Global Summit

The I-COM Global Summit is the culmination of work being done in our Boards & Councils and is the highlight of I-COM annual programme. I-COM Global Summit is the world's leading Marketing Data & Measurement Strategy event, where the who's who from Smart Data Marketing from around the world gather to inspire, connect and develop.

The Global Summit provides the ideal platform for companies and individuals to gain exposure and recognition on a truly international scale. I-COM Global Summit features those who are moving the needle of progress in this fast developing space. I-COM is an ideal place to identify future Data Ecosystem partners.


Andreas Cohen
Founder & Chairman
I-COM Global