Award Winners 2019

I-COM Smart Data Awards


The Smart Data Awards showcase a company's overall ability in Marketing Data, identifying the most data savvy Agencies, Research Providers, Marketing Technology Companies and Marketers. The winner is decided by combining the results from the I-COM Data Creativity Awards and the I-COM Data Science Hackathon, so companies must have taken part in both of these Awards in order to have a chance of winning.

  •  Smart Data Provider of the Year Award - Kantar

  • Smart Data Marketing Technology of the Year Award - Integral Ad Science

  • Smart Data Marketer of the Year Award - IBM

  • Smart Data Agency of the Year Award - Analytic Partners

  • Smart Data Agency Network of the Year Award – GroupM

I-COM Data Science Hackathons


The 5th edition of the I-COM Data Science Hackathons had three simultaneous challenges, which were focused on solving real problems and achieving results that would normally take months of work to accomplish or replicate.

Challenge - Google & Carrefour

◆ Overall Winner Masters: Analytic Partners (Hackvengers)
◆ Overall Winner Scientists: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Carlos III-aDvance)

Challenge - Warner Bros.

◆ Overall Winner Masters: Rapp & Credera (RCA)
◆ Overall Winner Scientists: Centrale Supélec (CentraleSupelec)

Challenge - P&G

◆ Overall Winner: Rapp & Credera (RCB)

I-COM Data Creativity Awards


I-COM Data Creativity Awards pioneered the understanding of this new kind of creativity in our industry.

The objective is to acknowledge the most creative people & companies in achieving business value / competitive advantage for their clients by leveraging value from data. 


Artificial Intelligence Category Winner

  • Artefact, France

    • Project Name: ScanCredit loyalty program: the chatbot with the best deals

    • Ecosystem Partners: Dialogflow, Facebook Messenger, Google Cloud’s Vision API, Lydia/Paypal API

Data Visualisation Category Winner 

  • Broadcast Audience Research Council - BARC, India

    • Project Name: BIO News

Social Media Category Winner 

  • Converseon and UBER, USA

    • Project Name: Transforming Uber Through the Power of Data, Machine-Learning and Artificial Intelligence

    • Ecosystem Partner: Brandwatch

Programmatic Category Winner

  • Essence & GroupM and Google, Singapore

    • Project Name: A small data approach to improving Google's bidding algorithms

    • Ecosystem Partners: Firebase, Google BigQuery, Google Campaign Manager, Google Cloud Datalab, Google Display & Video 360, Google Tag Manager, Moat, TensorFlow, Google Cloud Storage, Google Compute Engine.

Data Driven Business Transformation Category Winner 

  • LiveRamp, USA

    • Project Name: PrivacyChain

Attribution Category Winner

  • Marketscience-Truesight and Intel, USA

    • Project Name: Marketing Impact Modeling- A Random Walk Down Madison Avenue

    • Ecosystem Partners: Google, Kantar

 General Category Winner 

  • Mindshare India and Godrej Consumer Products, India

    • Project Name: Fighting Dengue with a Dose of Data doctors

    • Ecosystem Partners: Google, Social Cops

Overall Winner & Content Marketing Category Winner

  • Mindshare China and Yum! China, China

    • Project Name: The First Colonel to Conquer eSports

    • Ecosystem Partner: PentaQ, Riot Games, Tencent

Mobile Category Winner

  • Mindshare India and PepsiCo, India

    • Project Name: Miles and Meals: How Pepsi rode the express train to success

    • Ecosystem Partners: Google, Rail Yatri, YouTube

CRM Category WInner

  • RAPP and Toyota Motors of America, USA

    • Project Name: Toyota In-Market Repurchase Program

I-COM Data Startup Challenge


The 7th edition of the I-COM Data Startup Challenge showcased top Startups from around the world that are leveraging value from marketing data and measurement as the central selling point of their product or services. Success in a Data world means aligning a “dream team” and Ecosystem of companies that enable competitive advantage for their clients by leveraging value from Data. Never before has there been such a curiosity and need for large enterprises to understand and invest in the latest approaches and technologies that are on the horizon.

  • General Category Winner - QualSights

  • Attribution Category Winner - Beatgrid Media

  • Overall Winner & Programmatic Category Winner - ID5