I-COM Working Groups

The Working Groups are one of three types of forums that I-COM Global offers and make up the foundation of our organisation. They comprise 450 industry leaders working in more than 25 groups covering the forefront of Smart Data Marketing. The groups provide valuable interactions and learning between our members as well as decision-making input which guides I-COM’s direction. 

The I-COM Boards are addressing cutting edge topics and making decisions in consensus, relevant to the specific programme content that they each control.

The I-COM Councils are designed to address a specific topic identified by our Members. The overall goals are to provide insights on the latest opportunities and challenges as well as guidance and leadership for the entire Data community.

If you are interested in getting involved in one of the I-COM Working Groups, we would be pleased to hear from you.  Please contact our membership department.

ADVISING, CONNECTING & NETWORKING France Advisory Board The I-COM Advisory Boards bring together a select group to meaningfully connect as a community of market leaders and create a dialogue to share ideas and best practices as well as explore the specific issues and dynamics in Marketing Data and Measurement specific to their local area.
Germany Advisory Board
India Advisory Board
Los Angeles & San Francisco Advisory Board
Madrid Advisory Board
New York Advisory Board
Singapore Advisory Board
Spain Advisory Board
UK Advisory Board
China Board The I-COM China Board's goals are to assist I-COM to meaningfully connect and navigate the Chinese data market, provide advice and guidance. They additionally serve as a networking platform between I-COM members and industry specialists and company representatives in China.
Women in Data The goal of the Women in Data Advisory Board is to help build programmes, platforms and forums for skill-building and create connections, bring leadership and content.
ATTRIBUTION Attribution Council I-COM Attribution Council members are lead experts in the fields of Econometrics, MMM and Attribution and discuss best practices as well as the latest innovations.
ANALYTICS AND DATA OFFICERS Chief Analytics and Chief Data Officer Council I-COM CAO & CDO Council members are Chief Analytics Officers and Chief Data Officers or the equivalent in their company. The overall goal is to explore common issues to mutual benefit, in a private setting, amongst people with similar skills and objectives.
DATA CREATIVITY Data Creativity Awards Board The I-COM Data Creativity Awards programme recognises outstanding achievement in projects that creatively leverage value from Data to deliver competitive advantage for their clients.
Data Creativity Awards Jury
Smart Data Awards Jury The I-COM Smart Data Awards Jury sets the framework and rules of the competition as well as reviews and evaluates the results to determine the winners of the I-COM Smart Data Awards.
DATA SCIENCE Board The I-COM Data Science Board provides a useful knowledge-sharing community by which I-COM Members can collaborate to progress the development of their industry sector. The Board oversees the overall Data Science Programme which is comprised of the Data Science Hackathons, I-COM Journal and any thematic council such as on Blockchain and Advanced Research or Artificial Intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence Council The purpose of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Council is to provide a platform for knowledge exchange and discussion on the use of AI in the digital marketing ecosystem and related questions. Answers to the discussed questions will provide guidance on the subject matter for practitioners, industry bodies and companies.
Blockchain and Advanced Research Council The purpose of the Blockchain and Advanced Research Council is to share information on what blockchain is and its application in the Marketing and Advertising Industry, and to educate and provide constructive advice to leaders and practitioners of the ecosystem.
Hackathons Board The I-COM Data Science Hackathons 2018 Board is the decision-making body for all issues related with the Data Science Hackathons. Its role is to decide on the competition framework, challenges and datasets, as well as develop the judging procedure and criteria.
Hackathons Jury Data Science Hackathons Jury is comprised of a hand-picked group of distinguished Data Science leaders who are evaluating all participating Data Science Hackathon teams and their performance, ultimately choosing a winner for each Hackathons challenge.
Journal Executive Editorial Board Executive Editorial Board is responsible for running and operating the I-COM Journal “Frontiers of Marketing Data Science” throughout the year including selecting and editing articles for publication, determining the release dates and setting the Journal policies.
Hackathon Teams Committee Representatives of companies interested in the Data Science Hackathon as well as registered teams can join the DSH Teams Committee where we inform them about the latest updates on the Hackathon challenges, data, judging criteria and other important points, answer open questions and receive feedback.
GLOBAL SUMMIT CONFERENCE Programme Board Board Members decide in consensus on the Global Summit Conference's theme, goals, structure, content and speakers.
DATA STARTUPS Data Startup Challenge Board The Data Startup Challenge Board members decide in consensus on the competition theme, goals, structure, and categories as well as serving on the Jury. The Data Startup Challenge's goal is to honour the leading Data-Driven Marketing startups from around the world.
Data Startup Challenge Jury
DATA STORYTELLING Data Storytelling Council The Data Storytelling Council explores the rules of data-driven storytelling that help everyone to tell more compelling, evidence-based stories for your organisation using data and statistics.
DIGITAL AUDIENCE MEASUREMENT Digital Measurement Industry Bodies Steering Committee The Committee Members discuss latest challenges and share best practices to collectively improve how audiences are measured for the purpose of supporting display advertising.
INCREMENTALITY Incrementality Council The council explores best practices as well as methods to implement optimal campaign measurement using experimental design.
VIDEO AUDIENCE MEASUREMENT Video Audience Measurement Steering Committee Committee members are working for television and internet JICs and discuss matters of mutual concern and share best practices.